Business Writing


Outsource your business-to-business, business-to-customer, and corporate writing!

Our business writers can write press releases, business plans, business proposals, training manuals, white papers, product descriptions, brochures, reports, grants, resumes, and other business documents. As these reports include confidential business information and fiscal accounting, we work under a non-disclosure agreement with our business clients. Therefore, we do not have samples to show the public. However, we do offer the following services:

A fact sheet or statistical report typically includes a one-page brief highlighting the selling features of a product, parcel of land, or business offered for sale. The fact sheet gives a biographical sketch of the company and an overview of its fiscal accomplishments to provide readers with the facts needed to make informed decisions.

A case study or executive study effectively communicates the results of strategic efforts made to resolve a particular business problem. The summary describes the nature and scope of the problem, gives relevant background, and explains the course of action taken to resolve the issue, as well as the result.

Business Reports give a description of the overall business, including its owners and products. The report may also contain statistics to back up any claims made. Some reports may have a marketing slant or a soft call-to-action sales pitch.

An annual report is a statistical report to shareholders, employees and other stakeholders regarding the company's achievements and changes within the fiscal year. It includes reports from upper management, auditors, and the financial department, as well as a balance sheet and other statements regarding income, cash flow and retained earnings. For larger companies, the annual report is usually a sleek, colorful, high-gloss publication. 

Grant writing requires precision work. You must get the right words in the right places on the right forms or you will not get the money you need to fund your program. A grant writer must know how to write persuasively in order to convince foundations, corporations, and government agencies that you are the best recipient for their money. You are in competition with dozens, perhaps hundreds, of other organizations, so even the smallest mistake can take you out of the running. We will examine your needs, discuss funding requirements with you, locate available money, write your grant proposal, and guide you and your organization's associates through the grant writing process. 

Business proposals are a necessary part of getting a loan to start a business. Because it requires a budget and outlining every aspect of  business operations, it also helps clarify your goals and intentions for the business and can be used to chart your progress as you establish a new company. 
From product descriptions to company profiles, business-to-business (B2B) copywriting is an important part of marketing your business to your clients. Our copywriters will provide you with concise, high-impact promotional copy for your company brochure, website or magazine ad. 

Press releases for businesses feature newsworthy accomplishments and provide public information about your company. There is a right way and a wrong way to approach the media, and it takes a professional copywriter to know the difference. WITS can help. 
Contact us to have a WITS copywriter create business articles that meet the specifications and guidelines for trade magazines and industry journals.

Speeches and presentations are an important part of public relations and disseminating information within the company, to the local community, and to the world at large. Let us write the speech for you.
Need a company newsletter to help promote your business, communicate internally with employees, or keep in touch with your clients? Our business writers are able to write dynamic, content-rich copy specific to your target reader, business or industry.   
Unless otherwise noted, business documents are billed at a rate of $75 per hour.

Transcribing Services
You've given a lecture but would like the material you presented in print, perhaps as a handout or for marketing efforts. Or you've conducted an interview and would like to catch every detail in hardcopy format. No time to listen and type? We offer transcription services and can transform your audio tape, MP3 file, DVD, online audio, PowerPoint presentation or handwritten or printed material into a Word document. One cent per word. No job too large or too small. 

Article Writing $100
Well written, content-rich articles are an effective way to drive targeted traffic to your blog or website. We will write a 400-word article specific to your business or industry, which you will receive as a Word document to use however you choose. This is a ghostwritten work-for-hire project with unique content. You will own all rights to the article, and--unlike articles you find in a public directory--our writer's name (and resource box) will not be mentioned. No one else will have your article on their site unless you choose to have us submit it to the appropriate online article directory, such as,, or ABC Article

Web Copywriting 
Everyone has a speciality--something at which they excel--and nearly every company has an online presence. We don't expect roofers, tree surgeons, and electricians to be good at writing their own web copy, just like we don't expect writers to be good at laying carpet or making their own clothes! Every website needs good design and high functionality, but high-quality copy is just as important when it comes to making a sale. In order to be taken seriously, your site needs to concisely state your purpose and articulate your call to action. With so much riding on how well you convey your message online, how can you afford not to have a professional writer make your business shine? 

Web copywriting is billed at a rate of 25 cents per word.