Ghostwriting Services

Writers in the Sky is a premiere writing service offering ghostwriting for fiction and nonfiction books, as well as articles, press releases, web copy, resumes, query letters, book proposals, business documents, and marketing materials. Our ghostwriters work behind the scenes to write, rewrite, edit or proofread on behalf of the client. The finished product will capture the client's voice and appear with his or her name.  


You may have a great idea for a book but don't have the time or skills needed to complete the project. We will use your notes or rough draft, conduct author interviews, and/or transcribe your audio files to write your book. And the best part is, your name will be on the cover! 

The cost and length of the process depends upon the amount of work involved. If an author comes to us with just an idea and offers to collaborate, it will take about four to six months. This includes the time to collect the information, create the outline, and write the book per that outline. If the author provides us with a detailed outline or a partial manuscript, it will take considerably less time. Depending upon the condition of this manuscript we may even suggest that you skip the ghostwriting process and opt instead for developmental editing. In either case, the ghostwriter/editor will make regular submissions to the author for his/her approval. After the author has accepted the manuscript, he or she may wish to engage a second member of the team for proofreading. When the manuscript is ready for publishing, we can also write you a query letter and/or proposal. If you are planning to self-publish, we can direct you to a graphic designer who will assist you with the book layout. 

If your manuscript is complete, you may want to get a market evaluation to see if it is ready for publishing. If additional work is required and you choose one of our editors, the cost of the evaluation will be applied to the editing and/or proofreading services.

Most ghostwritten books are billed on a per-word basis. Please contact us for an exact quote for your project.

Query Letters  $100

A query is a one-page letter used to pitch a manuscript to a literary agent. This very important piece must convey key points about the book and the author, in the hopes of enticing an agent or publisher to ask for more information. There is an art to writing a query letter correctly, so hiring a professional who knows the publishing industry is a smart thing to do.

Book Proposals

If an agent or conventional publisher likes your query, they may request a full book proposal. Therefore, we advise people to have the proposal prepared before you send your query letter; that way, you won't have to keep the agent waiting while you prepare this very important document. A typical proposal includes:

  • An overview of the book
  • A marketing comparison listing three to five books in the same genre and with a similar storyline as yours. It also should state how your book can be expected to compete with these other books.
  • A detailed author biography
  • A marketing plan that details how you plan to market your book. We will help you develop your marketing plan if you have not done so already.
  • Chapter outlines summarizing each chapter of your book
  • Sample chapters from your book that best demonstrates your writing and the scope of the story.

Book proposals are billed at a rate of $50 per hour. The average cost of this type of project is $800 to $1,000.