About WITS

For over a decade, Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services has been providing quality ghostwriting and editing assistance for individuals and businesses around the world. 
It all began when author, metaphysical coach, and Nashville native Yvonne Perry decided to leave the corporate world and follow her passion for writing. Over the years, she built WITS into a network of professional writers, editors and marketing experts who shared her dedication to helping clients create and promote their books, get their dream jobs, and streamline their businesses. 

In addition to Writers in the Sky, Yvonne wrote several of her own books and started We Are 1 in Spirit, through which she provides spiritual coaching services. When Yvonne left WITS to concentrate exclusively on her metaphysical work, she handed the reins to Dana Micheli, a ghostwriter and editor based in New York City. Dana and the rest of the team remain committed to serving WITS clients, in Nashville, New York, and everywhere else.